Monday, March 06, 2006

Nerd Alert!

Two hours of 24 tonight.
It got a little too intense when at 9:30 there was the X3 trailer that went straight back to 24,
it was a new pants moment*.

For the first forty five minutes of 24 I was housewife entertained**.

I was flipping back and forth to the Hofsra Pride game at commercial,
which made me once again disappointed in my alma mater
not because they lost,
but because the only running commentary was on what a lame name we have,
I think even the gay students are offended by it.

From 8:45 pm on, I was jumping on furniture, recoiling, trembling with fear,

breaking at commercial to work on the computer on ten million various things (nervous energy fueled by 24)
and then life stopped
The Sopranos coming attraction.
Oh man, I hope Sunday is all I hope it to be....

I swear, I have a life outside of television viewing which is somewhat adventerous and thrilling, a life away from the computer... it's just cold outside the apartment walls right now, too cold for even whiskey to fix.

Well, now I'm off to watch Medium****.

*new pants moment - a moment that is so exciting, fantasticaly, magically terrific and wonderous that you lose control, and need new pants.

**housewife entertained - a type of entertainment that allows one to watch tv and clean or do some other mutlitasking activity but still be interested.

**** Medium - this gets four stars because it's an excellent drama, produced by Kelsea Grahmer which deals with a woman with psychic powers, maybe I enjoy it because I used to read Tarot cards for money in college, or maybe it's because the cast is an excellent ensemble -even the kids are talented actresses. I highly recommend checking out an episode.


sugarfree said...

i love your wild and free-spelling interpretation of "Kelsey Grammer".

TheSueFunke said...

Spelling correctly is for people who are literate. Television taught me just fin.