Saturday, March 11, 2006

I think I need a bigger box

I need a vacation .

In a rare change of sue funke behavior though, I am actually taking a vacation which doesn't mean time off due to illness or injury. Nope, not this time.
On Wednesday I'm going to leave on a jet plane and head off to a new location; beautiful windy Chicago.
I've never been there and I'm looking forward to checking out if their taco bells still have the cheesey gordita crunch .
Leaving New York City will be hard for me because I'll be leaving my friends (except for Blythe who's coming with me and Sue*), my job, my favorite bar, my comfy new bed, and my beloved television.
Because of this, I've gone out and gotten myself a DVR cable box. It was much like switching out the stone of shame for the stone of triumph. My old box was smaller, lighter, easy to transport to the Queens mall and the new one is bigger, heavier, and a bitch to lug back to my apartment. I can call that "exercise" can't I?

Since I've gotten my DVR I haven't really moved off my couch, I can now make sure I see every program I want to in a day, this could be dangerous. I got it so I'd go out more, but I have a feeling I may soon be saying "I can't come out tonight, I have thirty hours of Homicide and M*A*S*H repeats to catch up on while I dvr the Met game."

There goes my social life, my apologies to the makers of Sam Adams, Jack Daniels, and all my other friends.

*Sue - no, I am not speaking in third person here, I'm talking about my friend, Sue Redman. She moved out to Chicago last year to persue acting, she's an extremely talented actress and a very good friend so I'm stoked to see her, sleep on her couch, and drink free beer at the bar she waitresses at.

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