Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chicago Snow

The snow isn't sticking. But it is beautiful.
Sue lives in the backyard of a school. I look out the window into a class room across the way expecting kids to be equally extatic.
SNOW!!! I expect to see little noses pressed against the windows all jazzed for the possibility of sleigh rides and snowmen and forts.
But these kids, these kids are learning. They're all facing forward, some with hands raised. They better be waiting to say "Mrs. so and so, do you see the snow?!? Can we leave early?"
They still do not look out.
I want to get their attention be like "LOOK at the SNOW!!!! Be young and excited!!!!!"
then I realize I can do it for them.
To celebrate the snow we've decided the best vantage point will be to go drink in a very tall building.
Sue's apartment is located in Lincoln Park, a beautiful neighbor hood with a Gap, a Whole Food, and tons of little boutiques. It is also the "mean streets" that the band Linkin Park rose from. In my eyes it makes them even more of an annoying white boy band.
Cool sites I've seen so far:
drove past Soldier Field
saw the city from afar
a pedestrian crossing sign that had a drawing of the stick figure man hoola hoopin' as he crossed*.

*thanks to blythe who not only pointed this out but made us go back to take a picture and hold up traffic...just one of the many stunts that can be tolerated by others thru the careful use of hazard lights on a car.

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