Saturday, February 25, 2006

I have an hour to get ready, so I blog

Yes, I have not showered nor packed, it's 2PM and I'm getting picked up in an hour to go upstate to see In Pieces if you are not aware of who this band is, you should be.

This blog post isn't really about me being stinky and procrastinating though, it's about how much I miss "Arrested Development".
Actual Blog Title: The Fox Network is Ruining my life

"Arrested Development" ending is the sad state of the piss poor executive staff at the fox network. They are keeping on "Stacked", they are making us endure another season of American Idol, which by the way I only watch occasionally so I can function in mainstream society. What is it with people and this show? I sat through the entire Clay Akin season in college, I can't get those hours back of my life. If I want to hear an asshole cut people down I'll go to liar and drink with my friend Tom, he doesn't have a british accent, but we also won't have to deal with people trying to sing poorly.

Anyway, the Fox Network puts on tripe and takes away the best shows. If you are going to make people watch American Idol, throw the rest of us intelligent television viewers a bone (not "Bones") and keep Arrested on the air. Why hand off the prestiege of being an emmy winning network? Oh the injustice of television.
Now You may be reading this and saying, "but Sue, calm down, Showtime might pick it up".
Hey You,
I already pay for HBO to feed my Sopranos addiction, now I need to add on Showtime too?
Don't get me wrong, I love television, I will pay for television, but I also love beer, and once in a while, I need to eat.
So please Fox, help me remain a chubby, social drinker and just keep Arrested Development on the air.
I kind of feel like this is the "Family Guy" fiasco all over again.
This is why republicans shouldn't be allowed to have television stations.


sugarfree said...

Just in defense... "24" and "House" are good. And I can pretty much forgive Fox for anything for having given birth to The Simpsons.

And i will shamefully admist that i am TOTALLY addicted to "Good Day" NY, the morning news team. LOVE them.

Unknown said...

I love both House and 24.
But 24 and House don't make up for taking away Arrested Development, and let's not forget how many great show's Fox axed (Get a Life, Family Guy to name a few) and how many horrible shows they've kept on for years. I mean all networks do this, but come on people - Cops? Cops is the number one show in the Saturday time slot, practically every Saturday. Thanks for that Fox.
I love the Simpsons, and I love a lot of Fox shows, but I still feel the network is poorly managed.