Monday, February 27, 2006

Go with your gut

What do you do if your guts busted?
I mean physically, I went out last Tuesday for some drinks, some how got a giant bruise on my kidney. I've been told that when in a fight, kidney shots are the harshest.
I wonder if I did get into a fight...
All I know is now : I don't have my laundry (long story)
I can't sleep soundly (insomnia and the kidney bruise combined making it rough)

So right now, I need to make a gut decision, but my gut is busted, so what should I trust now?
Go with your heart
Well, I'm a big fan of bacon but somehow I have low blood pressure, that just doesn't seem right, and when it comes to the figurative love notion of the heart, well that is covered in cobwebs.
Think it over, you've got logic on your side
I haven't slept, and I'm a little bit like Fight Club a la Funke here.
There were times over the past couple of weeks that I really didn't know whether I was dreaming or awake. Which either is possible because I have a crazy life and some vivid dreams.

So how should I come to a conclusion on a decision I need to make so I can sleep?
  • Count sheep via eni, meani, miney, moe
  • Flip a coin until I pass out
  • Draw Straws that are scented lavender so they soothe me to sleep
Who knows how I'll make a decision, or sleep?
For now, I'm just floating above my reality waiting for something to bring me down to where I really belong, along the flat shores where waves crash but people stand firm.

Well, at least tonight there's a new episode of 24 to watch, I mean I might have my issues but I'm no Jack Bower...does anyone else feel like watching an episode of 24 is like a weekly installment of Die Hard? Maybe it's just because I was raised on Moonlighting.

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