Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sue Funke: Social Media Portfolio

For more information about my background and professional experience:


Learning Lopez - Writer / Digital Producer on this introductory show series. This video was used for YouTube, and was re-edited for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Turn On The Sound Campaign - Writer/Digital Producer for this paid media campaign. This video has been used by both Facebook and Twitter to illustrate effective disruptive video.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Facebook Live Q&A Series - Created and hosted weekly live viewing event at comedy club QED in Astoria.

Golden Girls Viral Video Memes - Edited and wrote copy for numerous popular video memes for classic TV shows including; King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Reba, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House and The George Lopez Show.

Welcome to the Club Trailer - Produced and acted in the trailer for The Ugly Volvo's first book, "Welcome to the Club" available on Amazon by Chronicle Books.


Friends Viral "Sorry Not Sorry Meme" - Wrote and designed, it's been shared over 4k times.

New Now Next Vote Special Social Media Producer - Took photos, got photo approval, and created content for multiple platforms.










Personal GIPHY page

Articles for NewNowNext - Editorial pieces I pitched and wrote for Logo's online blog. Newsletter: The Shopping List - This is an example of the newsletter I wrote that was about shopping advice and product reviews. Newsletter: The Screening Room - This is an example of the entertainment newsletter I wrote.

Live Tweet Work: #ReadMeDragRace as @RuPaulsDragRace
To build excitement for Drag Race each week we’d tweet with fans an hour before showtime telling them to tweet @RuPaulsDragRace with #ReadMeDragRace and we’d ‘read’ their profile pictures in the tone of the show. It often trended and helped build awareness for the show.

For more information about my background and professional experience:

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Four Out Of Five Star Review for Happy Place Comedy

Excited to announce that my and Katie Compa's monthly show, Happy Place Comedy, has been recognized by Time Out New York. It was one of twenty amazing things to do in NYC this week, AND was given a four star review by the magazine!

Don't miss out, we're at QED Astoria every third Thursday of the month at 9PM!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cabernet and A: An Adult Pretty Little Liars Podcast

Need a new podcast to listen to?
Give a listen to my new podcast with the fabulous comedian and Girl Code producer, Chelsea White.
You can find it if you search Cabernet and A on iTunes and Stitcher or you can just follow us on Podbean:
The podcast is mostly about Pretty Little Liars. Sure, Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family show targeted to teens, but our podcast is not for kids. The Cabernet part is for the wine we consume/review each week as we discuss show themes, mysteries, and then go on tangents about other TV Shows, pop culture references, heck we even debated Wawa Vs. Sheetz.
So, you don't have to love Pretty Little Liars to be into this new podcast. Give a try and please give us a rating.

Cabernet and A Podcast About Pretty Little Liars

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Have A Tale To Tell...

I'm going to be storytelling on Jenny Rubin's show!
The Jenny Rubin Show
October 9th at 8pm
At 2A in NYC

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 2014 Comedy Shows

I'm taking the comedy on the road this month.
Boston I'll be at The Gas at Great Scott on Friday June 20th at 7pm

Long Island, I'm coming home! I'll be at Jason's Vineyard on June 28th at 8pm

I'm always on YouTube for those who don't travel. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Which Kind of Serial Killer Are You?

My brother called me the other day and left me a message:
"Hey Sue, I'm driving in the car and was thinking about all those personality quizzes people keep posting on Facebook. They are always so sweet and make you feel better about yourself. I think it would hilarious if there was one like ' which serial killer are you?' What do you think? Could you make something like that?"

Yes, Mike, yes I can.

Click here to take "What Kind of Serial Killer Are You"